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Green leaves Environmentally friendly waste clearance

Carbon neutral and almost nothing goes to waste

At Skip Bag we are all about reducing our environmental impact whilst providing the customer with a fantastic level of service. From our two new UK forests with over 19,000 trees to our innovative lightweight chassis vehicles, we’re always working to make a positive change.

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2 new forests created with 19,674 trees


landfill diversion rate on average UK wide


100+ locations reducing driving distance and co2

Our Forest Projects
Nether Kidston & Penrith

We have planted 19,674 trees since 2018 at two locations and created two new forests. Our first forest is in Nether Kidston and our second larger forest was planted in Penrith. Combined the two forests will offset a minimum of 5,670 tonnes of co2.

Additionally these two forest projects will improve local biodiversity to encourage and preserve wildlife and help improve flood mitigation in the local downstream areas.

The Clearabee forest
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The benefit of our forest

Clearabee forest 19,674 trees

19,674 Trees

1,886 Tonnes CO2 offset | Clearabee forest

5,670 TonnesCO2 offset

Clearabee forest flood mitigation


Clearabee forest wildlife preserve


It’s not just about
offsetting carbon…

Whilst we offset more than 100% of our co2 we also actively work to reduce the total co2 we produce, as prevention is better than offsetting.

Our office is supplied by renewable energy only and all of our LED lights are on sensors and our new vehicles are built on a lightweight aluminium chassis with a custom body which can reduce the vehicle weight by as much as 500 kg. We deliver the skip bag service through a mixed fleet which means we can send a grab lorry when the bags are heavy or a ‘man and van’ when the bag is relatively light.

Clearabee van loading
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Clearabee van parked
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driving miles

We don’t operate a traditional depot model which means our vehicles are spread all over the country. This really cuts down on miles per job and has reduced our co2 substantially.

We are also able to supplement our in-house fleet with specialist vehicles and HGV’s through our technology platform when it makes economical or environmental sense to do so.

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miles between


euro 6
in London


vehicles ensures efficient routes and shortened drive distances

Recycling your waste

We use over 600 recycling locations across the country. This means we tip our vehicles at a local waste transfer station to keep vehicle weights low (which reduces co2) and reduces tipping mileage. When tipping our vehicles we grade Waste Transfer Stations based off of recycling rates which allows us to select the most efficient locations to recycle at.

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Clearabee nationwide recycling

>600 sites nationwide so we always recycle locally

Clearabee landfill diversion

>95% landfill diversion across the country, with 100% in London

Clearabee 100% audited sites

100% sites audited to ensure quality and compliance